Stan & Vera Oaker's Photographs

Canvey Historical Society

Long term Canvey residents Stan & Vera Oaker have donated these photographs which they  have collected over the years. Stan & Vera ran the Historical Society at St Katherines Church and many of these Photos feature some of the projects they were involved with.

I don’t know whom found this large dutch anchor off the Essex Coast but it was donated to the Historical Society at St Katherines Church in Canvey Village. Here we can see members of Canvey Rugby Club inc Mike Norris assisting in transporting the Anchor to its present resting place in the garden of the nearby Dutch Cottage Museum. Another Photo can be found at the bottom of this page along with a newspaper clipping of the event.

The Canvey Island Rugby Club moving the Anchor from the Historical Society at St Katherines Church to the Dutch Cottage Museum in 1993

During October & September of 1998 an archeological dig was carried out at Canvey Point, as shown in this Photograph and another two at the bottom of this page. Canvey Point Saltings were originally occupied by a Roman settlement and funeral urns along with other pottery has been found in this area.

Aug – Sept 1998: Archaological Dig at Canvey Island Point

In 1998 the Dutch Cottage Museum was completely refurbished as seen in this and three other photos at the base of this page. I understand a Cartwheel was found buried in the foundations which suggests it could originally have been a mill. This is hotly contested!

1998: Redevelopment of the Dutch Cottage Museum at Northwick Corner

In October 2000 this parade of shops and Canvey Market were demolished for the development of a new fast food drive through. Besides the newspaper clipping below, Stan & Vera thankfully took the photos seen at the base of this page so we can all remember this area before it changed forever.

Sept 2000: Clipping from unamed newspaper featuring the closed Key Butchers

Below are other photos Stan & Vera took including the old shopping parade at Lakeside Corner, Smallgains Creek after heavy rainfall and Swans at Canvey Lake.

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  • That would be me infront along with Mick Norris, Jeff Burder, Jason Carter, Alan Berry and Mick Smith, Steve Murphey was late so missed the photo’s

    By richard(biff)smith (03/11/2010)
  • We have just found a newspaper cutting which seems to imply the refurbishment of the Dutch Cottage was 1988. Can anyone confirm?

    By Janet Penn (09/10/2017)

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