Canvey Beach and Chapman Lighthouse

1935 Cine

In 1935 Reg Valentine’s father was in the fortunate position to own a cine camera. He also owned a holiday home on Canvey Island for which he paid the grand sum of £300. Shortly after these films were taken Reg’s father lost his job and the camera had to be sold. The reels of film stayed in the family and in 1991 they were offered to the Archives in Colchester. The films because of their age and the fact they were stored on Canvey during the floods meant they were in a very poor condition. The Archive however managed to salvage the best parts and transferred them to VHS tape. It is this tape that Reg’s bother in law Charlie Fautley has lent to Canvey Archive and we are currently extracting short clips to upload to the site.

In this clip Reg who was nine years old at the time can be seen with other members of the family enjoying a day at the beach. Reg is the boy holding his sister Audrey’s hand in the shallow water, the lady in the light coloured beret is his mother. With glimpses of Chapman Lighthouse in the distance and the pre 1953 seawall.

More clips will follow.

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  • A golden age – brilliant!

    By David Bullock (28/04/2011)
  • I have also got a copy of this film, Arthur Valentine was my uncle, my family are featured throughout the film, my father is one of those playing to the camera. 

    By Brian Hall (18/09/2015)

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