1 -The area they want to destroy

between the Dutch Village and Cornelius

There has been much discussion recently about the proposed development of the area between the Dutch Village and Cornelius Veymuydon School that I wanted to show everyone what is actually there. This clip was taken in the early 1980’s and shows part of the area where the building of some 400 homes are proposed, little has changed here in the last 30 years. My family like many others use this area to get out in the open, to get some exercise (it is not just the dogs that need it, as we are continually being told). I understand this area is the last that shows how the whole of Canvey used to be. This alone should make it a special case for keeping it as it is. There is so much wild life here, I have seen hundreds of butterflies, swarms of dragonflies, the birds, lots of wild plants and the blackberries are delicious. It is a joy to be able to go a short distance and feel as if you are miles from anywhere. As can be seen our dogs and children loved going here where they could run around and come to no harm.

This is what they want to destroy.

This is what they want to do to it

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  • If anybody wishes to see the work we are putting in to save this area please log onto http://www.canveygb.co.uk and if you are interested and want to be kept upto date with news click on the button to support and return the email that pops up. We will need to stick together on this one.

    Don’t forget as in all good sales “Once it’s gone, it’s gone”!

    As all good developers would say “welcome to canvey IS-LAND

    By Graham Bracci (16/06/2009)

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