BBC Radio Essex Quest at Canada Corner

Archive member Graham Stevens talks to BBC Radio Essex Quest about Canada Corner.

With grateful thanks to Michael Machin and Rod Bishop for the audio and photos of the day.

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  • A big Thank You to fellow Archive member Rod Bishop who supported me throughout the whole of Sunday morning. It was his idea to use the’so-called deck chair which he brought from his home. (Sorry folks but at present I have balance and mobility problems and was not able to remain vertical even for a short interview) He also supplied a large umbrella which protected us from a couple of rain showers as we waited for the arrival of the BBC Essex Quest. I am even going to forgive him for not warning me that I had my Poundshop reading specs perched on my nose when he took the photos,
    Thanks again Rod!!

    By Graham (18/05/2021)
  • Thank you Graham for waiting with Rod out in our current unpredictable weather representing the Archive and giving me another job to do – trying to remember how to put everything together to make the video. Team work. At least my part was in the dry. 🙂

    By Janet Penn (18/05/2021)
  • Hi.
    One thing I was not able to say in this interview was the involvement of my Dad, Aubrey. I was prompted to remember that he was often in contact with Mr Legg during the early stages of the scheme and carried on in an observer capacity from the very start. His photos, pre planting and of the first plants are here.
    I also have a suspicion that he was the ‘local resident’ who made the CPDC aware of the condition of original Canada Corner in the late 70s/ early 80s.
    I think I can tell this from the big grin of satisfaction he has on his face in the group photo taken at the Dutch Cottage!

    By Graham (23/05/2021)

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