Camping on Canvey early 1900s

Where was this taken?

Can anyone help place and date this picture that was sent to me.

All I know is it has Canvey Island written on the back in pencil.

By the clothes I would say it was taken in the Edwardian period. Who are these boys and girls and what were they doing camping on Canvey. Was it a school?

Any ideas?

We now know this was taken in 1912 as the comment below confirms. We now have a picture of the whole campsite taken in 1911.

The new picture has provided us with the answers.

We have confirmation this campsite is behind the Vicarage in the village.

This picture was taken looking South away from the Vicarage with the buildings in the distance probably being Brickhouse Farm. The vicarage would be out of shot to the right.

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  • A beautiful picture. I would be very surprised if it was not taken near the lake at Clara James’ Girls’ Bungalow, also known as ‘The Social Institute’, which was set up in 1909 as a holiday home for young working women from London’s East End. I have seen similar pictures in the postcard collection at the Southend Museum. Sometimes boys made it to Canvey recuperation as well. Clara James would be the lady standing just off centre next to the gentleman.

    By Robert Hallmann (14/03/2009)
  • I do not think it is in that area Robert more likely further south/east. The lady you mention cannot be Clara James as she was not much more than five foot tall. The dress also looks too uniform as if they are from a school or institution. In all the pictures I have seen of Miss James’ home the girls have all been dressed differently.

    By Janet Penn (14/03/2009)
  • A decent resolution closeup of the buildings in the background would be interesting

    By David Bullock (15/03/2009)
  • They have tried but could not get it any clearer Dave, too far away and not clear enough on their original.

    By Janet Penn (15/03/2009)
  • Found this picture elsewhere online today and it stated:

    ’25th July 1912: Group of girls and boys from the Islington workhouse at camp on Canvey island on the River Thames, London. Boys and girls, in their pinafores, are doing the washing up.’

    Picture no clearer for tracing location, but at least we have date and the institute

    By Janet Penn (15/05/2009)
  • The Inseperables”- Farm at Holehaven Have a look at the two together, this photo looks like the FARM in the back ground I have taken a magnifier to them both it looks likely its the same place . copy and past the two photos and then compare

    By Margaret (08/12/2013)
  • If you look at the text at the top Margaret you will see we have worked out where this is.

    By Janet Penn (08/12/2013)

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