Found in a loft

Thanks to Tony Weald

Tony says:

I found this in the loft of our 1920’s house in Chelmsford. I wondered if it had anything to do with bungalow for sale/let in Canvey (Can….). 375 pounds? £20- 12 shillings per ?? Let??.

Not sure about NEW DU….
Seems to have a blue wavey bit representing water….

Anyone got any ideas? Please comment below.

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  • Being as it is only part of adertising board i wonder if it read New Dutch Village Estate. just a thought.

    By TONY FROST. (25/02/2021)
  • Thats a good one Tony.

    By Janet Penn (25/02/2021)
  • Following on from the above comments – we have a photo on our site showing the Dutch village with a board similar to this at the entrance. But with 20,000+ photos it is hard to find. If anyone comes across it please let us know. Send a link to the page to

    By Janet Penn (26/02/2021)

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