Another Great Canvey Home

Long Road?

Can you tell me who lived here?

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  • The construction looks very similar to my house, so about the same time, circa 1920. I think It is the White House opposite the Conservative Club, corner Long Road and Convent Road.

    By Matthew Miller (14/07/2016)
  • Could this have been occupied by Doctor Stevens, especially during WW11,???

    By Gerald Hudson (15/07/2016)
  • I lived in this house from 1994 until 2013. It was built by Horace Fielder for his mother Anne Fielder. It originally had a tennis court in the back garden.
    I bought it from Maureen Blaney who had lived there for many years.

    By Helen Harrington (15/03/2020)
  • Thank you for the info. His mother’s name was Susan

    By Janet Penn (15/03/2020)
  • Sorry for the name error.

    By Helen Harrington (15/03/2020)
  • No problem

    By Janet Penn (15/03/2020)
  • I can confirm this was Mr Fielders house situated in Kitkatts road at its junction with Long road it was facing the then telephone exchange; now an old people‚Äôs home. When I lived further down the road Mr Quenby the chemist occupied the house next door to fielders.

    By Thom Johnson (11/07/2021)
  • This house was and still is, on corner of convent road /long road as stated by Helen who lived there – not Abbeyfield House on corner of Kitkatts / Long Road which was empty for many years during my childhood before being turned into a residential home later !

    By Denise Loveday (19/10/2021)
  • We confirm the house was on corner of Long Road and Convent Road with a tennis court at the back. Our family stayed there for a short while with the owners Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, their son Bernard and daughter Edna and dog Panda in round about 1950 when Edna was the carnival queen! A very beautiful home.

    Geraldine and Denise Fitzgerald, Vancouver, Canada

    By Denise and Geraldine Fitzgerald (14/04/2022)

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