Hello, I am inquiring about the ‘Sunnyside Hotel’. As a child I used to live there, as my father was the manager. I know it was situated in what is now called Convent Road, and I remember there was a windmill in the middle of a small lake in the garden just behind the hotel. Anyway, I have searched in a number of books about Canvey and have asked people who live on the island about the Sunnyside Hotel but I have always drawn a blank.

Do you have any information about it? I would be grateful if you could confirm that it did exist. Thank you. Regards- Richard Hawkins

(Ed) Richard I have added a photo of the Convent and below is a link to the page about it, if you read part way down the page it tells you a little about it, hence Convent Road. I understand this is the place you are talking about. If you put Sunnyside Hotel in our search engine several articles and comments will come up.

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  • Richard I was in the first classes when the Sisters of Mercy took over the Sunnyside as a school and convent. The rooms still had names on them like Billiards Room etc. I did have a postcard of it and sent a copy to Geoff Barsby, but I lost the original and Geoff has never sent me a copy back despite asking him several times. There was a large room on the left hand side which was used as a dining room and for school plays.There was a staircase leading upstairs to the rooms where the nuns lived as well as a chapel.


    By Maureen Buckmaster (07/05/2015)

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