The Stuckey Sisters

At Canvey

All seven of the Stuckey Sisters before 1941
The Stuckey Sisters and friends and family. Date unknown
Two of the Stuckey Sisters. Dated Oct 1970

These pictures of the Stuckey sisters were donated by Joan Liddiard. The sisters, Vera, Ida, Archie, Myra, Ruby, Olive and Violet¬†first came to Canvey in the 20’s.¬†If anyone can add to the descriptions please comment below.

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  • Brilliant!

    By David Bullock (18/08/2009)
  • emailed in from Tom Christy great grandson of Myra Stuckey……. It is my mum Beryl as a baby in the second photograph, it’s my grandmother Betty (wife of Robert Stuckey) on the right hand side of the photo, and Betty’s sister Thelma somewhere amongst the aunts, and (we think) Thelma’s son david as the little boy.

    By Tom Christy (06/07/2010)
  • emailed in from Tom Christy great grandson of Myra Stuckey…………… In the bottom picture that is my mum Beryl in the middle

    By Tom Christy (06/07/2010)
  • The top photo is taken on the door step of the house that was in Roggel Road – Winnie Capser later moved in there and Olive and Archie lived next door

    By Carolyn Blake (27/10/2015)

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