Stuckey Sisters

Their life on Canvey from the 1920s

Recently Joan Liddiard (nee Bishop) presented me with an old photo album and box full of documents relating to several Canvey families.

The Stuckey Family Portrait c1898: The seven sisters

They had been rescued from an old bungalow in Rayment Ave that had belonged to the Capser Family, Canvey’s Punch & Judy show operators. If you wish to read about the Capser family click HERE. Whilst some of the documents related to the Capser family, many more belonged to the Stuckey Sisters, including the photo album and the wonderful family photo above.

Our family historian Janet Penn soon went to work and we came up with the following information on the family:

Their father Horace Stuckey had married Ida Annie Richards Dec qtr 1882 in Lambeth District. The children (all girls) were registered as follows:

Horatia Vera E                  Dec qtr   1883    Stoke Newington

Ida Eugene                       Sept qtr 1885    Hackney District

Archie Eileen                     Dec qtr  1886     Hackney District

Myra Beatrice                   Sept qtr 1889    Hampstead District

Ruby Cecile                       Dec qtr  1891    Hampstead District

Olive Christine                  Sept Qtr 1894    Brentford District

Violet Beryl                       Dec qtr  1898     Hampstead District

Horatia Vera Elouisa Stuckey

Vera was born in 1883 in Stoke Newington and died 20/01/1968 at ‘Long View’ Little Gypps Canvey Island aged 84. She had been a private school proprietor. A sister Ida Eugenie Stuckey was present at her death. She appears to have lived at ‘Veronica’ 12 Kitkatts Farm Road Canvey before then.

Ida Eugene Stuckey

Ida was born on 2nd June 1885 in the Hackney District. In 1968 she lived in 40 Mayland Ave Canvey. She died in 1970.

Archie Eileen Stuckey

Archie was born in the 8th October 1886 in the Hackney district. When she died (testatrix 22/12/1975) around Dec qtr 1975 she left 16 Rayment Ave Canvey to Winnie Capser. Archie owned most of the land between Rayment Ave & Roserna Road with her sister Ruby. Here I understand they ran their kennels.

The Stuckey’s with their Dogs. I believe the bungalow in the background is on the north side of Westerland Ave

Ruby Cecile Stuckey

Ruby was born in the Dec qtr of 1891 in the Hampstead District and died before Feb 1974. In 1921 she was given a ‘Home Doctoring of Animals’ book. As said above she owned most of the land between Rayment Ave & Roserna Road with her sister Archie where they had their kennels. I believe they were members of the ‘English Springer Spaniel Club’. Apparently they would be seen regularly walking their dogs down Maurice Road.

Olive Christine Stuckey

Olive was born in the Sept qtr of 1894 in the Brentford district. She lived at 16 Rayment Ave (inc 1971) and sold “Rowan” 3 Hawthorn Road Canvey in 1961 – She had lived there in 1943 I believe with Miss Lane. Olive worked at Canvey-on-Sea Post Office in Leigh Beck in the 1960’s with Rosa Webb. Olive was Baptised 20/01/1899, confirmed & had her first Communion Dec 1910. She died before March 1991 still living at 16 Rayment Ave which was then sold by the Salvation Army.


St Katherines Church in Canvey Village: Violet Beryl Stuckey died aged 42 on 08/03/1941

Violet Beryl Stuckey

The youngest sister, Violet was born in the Hampsted district on 8th November 1898. She died at the young age of 42 on 8th March 1941 with a sister present (Ida?) at “Dykeland House” 16 Rayment Ave. She was a Drapers Window Dresser. Jan has found her grave in St Katherines Church in Canvey Village – See the Photo (left).

I have a receipt for a bungalow built in 1922 at Weirum Ave for £170, apparently for Violet & Olive Stuckey. I can find no trace of a Weirum Avenue but it is almost certainly the bungalow featured in the Photograph album featured below titled “Canvey Island Whitsun 1922”.  Studying these Photos I have identified a bungalow in Westerland Avenue and from this I now believe their bungalow was built on the square of land between Westerland Ave (to its north), Yamburg Road (then called Kornwert Road) to its east, and the unamed road to its west – perhaps this unmade road was to be Weirum Ave? I have seen Westerland Ave called Westenmoreland Ave in an old Post Card.

If you can identify any of the people or places below like the Tennis Courts please leave a message below. Click on the images for larger sizes and descriptions.


Update on our research into the Stuckey family

Myra Beatrice Stuckey

Myra was born in Stoke Newington in 1886 just before the family moved to Hampstead. No papers relating to Myra or any association with Canvey were found in the box of documents during the initial sorting.

It has since been found that Myra had in fact married Joseph V Wilson in 1919 in the Wandsworth District of London, making her the only Stuckey sister to marry.

More about the Stuckey Sister’s Ancestry can be found HERE

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  • The person at the top of the bank could be one of the Stuckey sisters, although it looks like a boy/man. One of the sisters was always dressed like a male. I do believe there were ‘leanings’, if you know what I mean. This may be the boy you mentioned in an earlier photo.

    By joan liddiard (04/06/2008)
  • I would like to thank you Dave and Janet for your effort in bringing to life the box of letters, papers and photos for both the Capser and Stuckey families. its a shame I could not find anyone who belonged to either family to pass this history onto. My Niece Sharon Kreller found the contents in an old drawer when she and her partner bought the house in Rayment Avenue with the view of redeveloping the site.

    By joan liddiard (04/06/2008)
  • Regarding Weirum Ave. Definitely correct-Weirum Park Estate-Westerland Avenue.

    By Graham Stevens (02/07/2008)
  • It is great to see how you are still finding interesting old photos Dave !!!

    I must get used to this new web site ! I am still keeping an eye and ear open for anything else I can find of interest. Roberta

    By Roberta Donnan (10/07/2008)
  • I have just found out that Robert Wilson’s wife was named possibly Beryl and they had two daughters (maybe) and they lived in Hawthorn Road Canvey. This information has come from the God daughter of Ruby and Archie, although she was a little vague about the two daughters. She described Beryl as being tall and slim very well spoken and of smart dress. A little bit more for you to go on perhaps.

    By joan liddiard (28/10/2008)
  • I remember several things about the Stuckeys’. In 1942/3 I went to Vera Stuckey’s “Veronica” school in Kitkatts Farm Rd. My mother thought I ought to go to school before the official date of my 5th birthday, so it was there, I think, I learned to read. However, my father was very much in favour of state education, so when I was 5 I went to Canvey Primary, where my father’s friend, Ernie Benson (an impossibly tall man I thought) was Head, and where his wife, Doris, was in charge of the infants.

    I also remember the Stuckeys in Rayment Ave. As I recall they refused to be evacuated during the 1953 Floods, as there was nowhere for their dogs to go!

    By Miall James (16/12/2008)
  • Hello, I wonder if you can help me. My dad thinks he was born either at home on Canvey Island in 1957, or in Romford Hospital. But What I would really like to know, that is there any old newspaper clippings from 1960-1962 about eight children that got taken from their dad (Roderick Smith) and taken into care by the police from Kitkatts RD/Kitkatts Avenue? Would love it if you could help me out… Thanks, Jodie Smith

    By Jodie Smith (05/03/2010)
  • We have just found out that my dad lived on North Avenue… can anyone find any other information on this? thanks

    By Jodie Smith (06/03/2010)
  • Hi Jodie – may I suggest you also try asking on our Forum. Good Luck!

    By David Bullock (06/03/2010)
  • Regarding Weirum Ave, I have a map with this road on. It was indeed a road off Westerland Avenue and is still there. If heading up Westerland Ave in a North West direction we would now find Yamburg on the left (That part was then called Kornwert Rd. Yamburg did exist but didn’t join this road due to a ditch). Now continue up Westerland Ave and on the left about 49m (55yards) is a short road / drive to a house and this was Weirum Ave.

    I have added a link to Google Maps that locates this position.,0.6052615,19.99z


    By Martin Lepley (09/08/2017)
  • Could the tennis court be the one that used to be just before Stevens the Bakers in the High Street?

    By Maureen Buckmaster (13/01/2020)
  • Hello

    I am working on a book based around the letters of Robert James Stuckey the grandfather of the seven Stuckey sisters, which are mentioned. I would like to find a photo or painting of Horace their papa. If you have one please get in touch

    By bob stuckey (14/10/2020)

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