The Bread & Honey Shop

Canvey's Best Bread

Is this the shop still in Furtherwick Road. I am sure Graham Stevens said it was part of their bakers at one time. Help Graham.

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  • Yes you’re right Janet. The metal and brick work boundary belonged to Park school. The school grounds went right up to the shop until they put Foksville Road in.

    By J. Walden (28/07/2016)
  • Did this shop become the Mayflower chinese takeway? It was there for years. Dont know whats there now. Was a stop off after we had been to the rio cinema. I think it was the second chinese, after the Moonflower on the high street.

    By Gary Casson (29/08/2017)
  • Yes Gary it was a Chinese takeaway for a number of years and now an Indian restaurant.

    By Rodney Bishop (30/08/2017)

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