The Star Tea Room

Near May Avenue

This photo of the Star Tea rooms and bungalows was taken in the vicinity of the seawall by May Avenue. To the right is an advertising board for the Pavilion. To the left of the Star Tea Rooms is a building I recognise from one I published a few days ago.

See the unusual roof, chimney with the round house behind in the enlargement, then look at the bottom picture.

Definitely the same building but taken at an earlier date.

An earlier picture of the bungalow

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  • To be precise the 1914 Star Tearooms was at the bottom of Keer Ave and still was in operation in the late 50s/ early 60s when it was one of Bert Grout’s early business ventures. The bungalow with with the round building is in Shell Beach Rd and you can just see the back of St Hugh (AKA the Riverside Cafe) on the corner of Margarettan Ave.

    By Graham Stevens (12/08/2016)

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