Coronation Party

Goirle Avenue

This photo was taken at the Goirle Avenue street party held to celebrate the Queen’s Coronation in 1953. Shirley’s father is in the rear waving two flags, Shirley is sitting beside the lady with the platter. Shirley says she is wearing a frown and a pointed hat. Her mother is seated on the other side of the lady with the platter and Shirley’s sister is in front of her wearing a ribbon in her hair.

More names to follow. Were you there or do you recognise anyone in the picture please comment below.

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  • I don’t recognize any faces there, but i remember we had a smashing street party in the village, nearly opposite the Red Cow (not sure if the name had been changed to the Canute at that time.

    By George Smith (27/08/2010)
  • Re coronation party. I’m pretty sure the man third from left back row with glasses, is Peter Ware the local Prudential insurance rep. He went on to be involved in running “Cockle Jacks” in the 60s

    By sparrow (23/09/2010)
  • I have this picture too – when I sent it in today I was told it was already posted. I’m the little girl in the second row from the front looking up at her mother: Ann van Schagen from Number 1 the Lilacs. My mother, (first on the right in the second row from the top) was Mary and she is pregnant with my sister Linda. We must have very recently moved to Canvey as we bought the bungalow just after the floods. I remember Sandra and Shirley very well and I’m sure they would remember Ann and Linda. Didn’t Sandra emigrate to Australia? The man third from the right in the back row was Mr Pammant I think. And old Mrs Palmer is in the middle of the photo at the back. She had an air raid shelter in her back garden. One of the boys in the front row is Bobby Large who was always playing football in the street – did he play for Canvey FC eventually?

    By Ann Henriques (16/03/2013)
  • My uncle mick is first man on the back left and my grandad is third back nan is middle row eating something and holding a tray.their surname was baker and i believe they lived at number 2 the poplars as a kid we lived at number 1 the poplars.

    By Linda prosser nee cooper (31/12/2021)
  • Yes that’s definitely Bobby Large sitting at the front with his legs crossed. I spent many hours back in the 50’s playing football with him in Goirle Avenue. Happy days!

    By George Payne (05/01/2022)

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