Annette Williamott (nee Coughlan) family photos

The ‘faux’ dutch cottage.

Here are a few of my family photos. The first shows the ‘faux’ dutch cottage built by my Great Grandfather James Fullalove in May Avenue. Pre-war it was a sweet shop, selling things for the beach and teas in the adjacent garden. During or just after the war it was incorporated into a dwelling and formed the lounge in my Great Aunt Win’s  (Fenton) bungalow.

The second photo is the Fullalove family home ‘Kenton’ was built in 1913/14, the house was in Handel Road but the plot was reached to May Avenue.

Photo 3 shows James Fullalove with his youngest daughter Margaret who came to the island with her family aged 13 and whose first job there was delivering milk from a horse drawn cart.

Photo 4 is James Fullalove, probably late 1940’s?, not sure what he won the cup for. Does anyone recognise it? He was a keen gardener and loved growing Sweetpeas. All the family were avid card players, often staying up to the small hours and played Whist at Smallgains Club. He died in November 1955.

Photo 5 is Great Grandma Lizzie Fullalove.

Photo 6. The old map of Canvey, not dated but before the Southend Victoria Station (1889) and before the line from Southend was extended to Shoeburyness (1884).

The last photo is a map of the original plot bought for Kenton dated 1913.

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  • Planning for faux’ dutch cottage was approved 11th April 1922. Mr FULLALOVE describing himself as Owner, Architect and builder.

    Planning to Kenton was approved October 1914. Mr FULLALOVE describing himself as Owner, Architect and builder. At the time he was living in a property called Grace Darling which was owned by the STEVENS family. I do not know the precise location of Grace Darling and if anyone knows, I would appreciate a message.

    By Martin Lepley (28/01/2024)
  • Hi Martin,
    It seems very unlikely that I am going to find any further family connections to bungalow’Grace Darling’! Iknow you had some knowledge of it’s position in Huisdorp Rd( south section of Maurice Rd) and this Fullalove connection also seems to keep it’s location within the radius of Wrack Hall Farm(end of Juliers Ave). I can only endorse your request for any further info.👍. Graham.

    By Graham Stevens (28/01/2024)

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