A bungalow called 'Francesca'

Built late 1940's

Some more pictures from George Smith. This time his parents bungalow called ‘Francesca’ in Ormsby Road. See all the wide open space behind the bungalow. That is where Charfleets Industrial Estate now stands.

This bungalow on the corner of Coker and Ormsby was called ‘Francesca’ and was built by George Smith’s father and was finished in 1949. In the doorway is George’s mother Frances who the bungalow was named after.

This picture of the bungalow (far right) was taken about 1960 from across the road in the driveway of the Blainey’s. Talking by the milk float is Frances Smith and Mrs Blainey.

The same bungalow 2010. We took George on a short trip down memory lane or rather Ormsby Road.

The last two pictures in the gallery show George’s parents and a son outside their┬áproperty in Parkway which they rented until ‘Francesca’ was finished.

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  • hello george sorry its been so long since we last spoke yes it is me i still live on canvey im retired now lazy bugger brother bill is living in wickford patrick is in latchindon sue isnt with us anymore

    By Laurence Blainey (04/07/2012)
  • Hello Laurie, so sorry to hear about Sue. Glad you, Bill & Patrick are ok. Yeah, i’m one of the lazy buggers myself now (retired) Sue & me were about the same age, Patrick is about the same age as my youngest brother, Bobby, and they were good friends. I came down to Canvey for a weeks holiday in May, would have been good to have had a pint with you. My family left the island in 1962, which looks a good move when you see how crowded the island is now, and all those open fields all around us all gone. George.

    By George Smith (04/07/2012)

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