Canvey Cubs 1957/8

Village Hall

This is one of George Smith’s photographs. Taken in the Village Hall around 1957/8.

George is at the back left hand side marked with ‘ME’ his brother Eddie is also marked. Behind Eddie is Peter Ward.

The man at the back on the right is Skipper Bishop and his wife is on the left. Their daughter Josie and Bob Peck used to help. ‘Wilko’ from Dr Feelgood is standing two in front of Skipper Bishop.

Are you in the picture? Or can you add some names if so please add a comment below.

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  • I’m sure you already know, but the other gentleman at the back is Reverend Fleetwood. I used to go to school with his daughter, Judy, and was still in regular contact with her until her untimely death, just two years ago. Sadly missed!

    By Cheri Arlenghi (was Black when on the Island) (03/02/2010)
  • I was certainly in the cubs at the Village Hall at that time. I do not recognise myself, but could well be the pair of eyes peering over the back row, between Rev Fleetwood and Skipper Bishop. I am pretty sure that the lad stood at extreme left of picture is David Ealding. I don’t recognise the rest, but look forward to other people’s identification.

    By Anonymous (04/02/2010)

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