High Road and Lakeside Corner

Photos by Henry Clubb c1925

Lakeside Corner

I have added some more High Road pictures in the gallery below. Please click on the picture to see an enlargement

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  • The first picture looks like Lakeside corner;The shop on the left would be Fletchers draper, now a carpet shop. I think the last building on the left is Claxtons. The second pic looks like High St looking towards Lakeside from Smallgains corner; the big building on the left, by the telephone pole, looks like the Jolly Boys – now an Indian restaurant.

    By Michael swanson (06/12/2012)
  • Ha! ” A carpet shop” … well… not just any old carpet shop i would say , its got a lot of canvey history too….its owned by my brother in law Ian Holt, whos married to my eldest sister Paula Holt nee Banham… Ian took over the shop, Island carpets, from my dad, Ken Banham who had it as a toy shop called Island toys..im sure you can all remember that!!!

    By mark banham (07/12/2012)
  • I believe the second photo,- the first building was once the Library,Bert Bishop my uncle, once had it as a GreenGrocers, the next building, was a cycle shop, now the Post Office, the large building further along was Youngs paper shop. And I agree the first photo is of Lakeside Corner.

    By Tony Matthews (07/12/2012)
  • You are right ,Tony. The position of the telephone poles confirms it; am trying to remember the name of the owner of the cycle shop – I believe it was called “Canvey Cycles”.

    By michael swanson (08/12/2012)
  • hello The owner of Canvey Cycles was Mr Simpkins Regards

    By Robin Howie (08/12/2012)
  • Hi All, Just a few comments about these photos; A couple of weeks ago I encountered a couple in a camper-van driving slowly down Waarden Rd and reversing into Paarl Rd, looking apparently lost. Being the helpful Canveyite that I am I offered my assistance. In fact it was the opposite, they told me they were taking a trip down ‘memory lane’ as the gentleman was the son of Mr Plant the proprietor of Fletcher’s haberdashery(now the carpet shop) naturally I referred them to the Archive site, hope they pick up on these pictures. They were amazed the building was exactly as it was over 60 years ago. Mark, when your Dad was ‘top-tiler’ on the Island(he was the main man for Marley Tiles, all the rage in the 60’s) Highly recommended by Mr Selby, the architect, he laid the flooring when we refurbed the Bakery and opened the Self-service in the early 60’s.Re the toy-shop I think I’m right that your parents originally opened across the other side of Lakeside Corner in the then relatively new shop between Lewin’s Butchers and Renees ladies’ dress shop(ex Barclays). That shop was previously the electrical shop owned by the Baglow brothers who, I believe also had the record shop in Alterman’s Arcade. Robin, thanks for reminding us of the name of the cycle-shop owner, I think it was Mr Simpson.

    By Graham Stevens (09/12/2012)
  • Hello Graham There was a Mrs Plant who lived in a house on the corner of Waarden road Linde road [shops side] in the 50s. She was always telling us off if we got too close to her garden when we were playing in Thisselt lodge. Regards

    By Robin Howie (09/12/2012)
  • Before the old Barclays on the south corner it was a Grocers Called I believe Sherborn. Together with Batemans a news agent together with a mens hair dresser called Burbridge ( Christian name Phonetic spelling Urgley) He was a couple of years older than me & had a wooden peg leg. He lived in the Avenue with his mother when we were young.

    By George chambers (02/01/2013)
  • I had a photo of the shops you mention, George, probably from the late twenties or thirties. My grandfather was walking in the road pushing a barrow. I sent a copy to Geoff Barsby and then misplaced the original. I have asked Geoff for a copy a couple of times but never received one. Perhaps he’ll put one on here.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (04/01/2013)
  • Hi George, Re Eardley Burbridge, it’s really worth having a look at Bill Gower’s memories, the Teenage Mates story. Regards, Graham

    By Graham Stevens (04/01/2013)

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