The Old Lady of Canvey

as photographed by H Reed 1930s-40s

These are some rare pictures of the Old Lady of Canvey a navigation beacon that used to stand near the seawall at Thorney Bay.

The picture on the┬áright was featured in Norman Chisman’s slide collection but the one below has not been seen before and what a great picture it is.

Not only can you see the beacon in situ but look in the distance on the right.

I have magnified it for you if you look at the picture at the bottom. Scar House Farm and the Kynoch Hotel and is that the Coryton plant in the distance?


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  • Maybe Shell refinery which was around from I think the 30s – the Coryton one wasn’t around until the 70s onwards I never knew the Old lady was that big, the people climbing on it look tiny!

    By Liam Heatherson (24/12/2012)
  • Coryton was actually around from the 50s, with the site being the Explosives company Kynochs before that. Kynochtown, later called Coryton was demolished and taken into the refinery site in the 70s

    By Janet Penn (04/01/2013)

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