The Village c1930s

From Horace Reed

Canvey Village c1930s
H Reed

This picture another of H Reed’s is stated as being in the village. I cannot place the location can you?

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  • This is opposite the row of shops near the ‘Red Cow'(King Canute’)

    The old shops were Nash’s Greengrocer, Golden Crust Bakery, Fish Shop, and a general Hardware shop.

    By Val Court (30/10/2014)
  • During 60s and 70s Nash’s was the butchers on the end of the row and the greengrocers was called Georgies. The owner was George Desmond. As a 14/ 15 year old I worked there as the weekend help, upgrading from a paper round! It was the perfect row of shops…bakers for breakfast, chip shop for lunch, meat for dinner and us for all the fruit and veg you could handle. The hardware shop was perfect for everything else.

    If I remember correctly, one of the wooden houses opposite was owned by a gentleman by the name of Bryn Jones.

    By Tony Driver (30/10/2014)
  • Hello

    The fish and chip shop was run by a welsh chap called Mr Wright and his wife.



    By sparrow (02/11/2014)
  • Bryn and Mary ran the fish shop in the 50’s. At one time they also had a chippy on eastern Esplanade, not far from Riverside House. At the Village they had a smoke house behind the chippy. And yes, they did live in one of the wooden houses opposite. I believe that before Bryn and Mary took on the Village chippy, it was owned by a couple named Bottomley.

    By michael swanson (03/11/2014)
  • Prior to the Bottomly family having the Bakery, Mr Jim and Mrs Rene Todd had both the Golden Crust Bakery and the Fish shop. My Auntie Worked for them. The Todds’ moved up to the Fish shop opposite the ‘RIO’ after and Mrs Todd was a receptionist at Dr Lintners in Grafton Road, I think they moved to Cornwall eventually.

    I think the Daniels family were running the Bakery at one time.

    By Val Court (05/11/2014)
  • As a Leigh Beck ender I have to admit that my first-hand knowledge of the Village only really starts from the early 60s when I used to to deliver bakery products to the shops down there but I do remember that at least from the mid 50s we were supplying the ‘Golden Crust’ shop which was actually 50/50 grocery and bakery and was probably better known then as Ditton’s Stores owned by Mr & Mrs of the same name. I think even then the ‘Golden Crust’ sign still remained over the premises and I believe that delving back into bakery trade hear-say or mythology the name originates from a mainland bakery which used to supply shops on the Island (well that’s what my Dad said). I can’t remember the actual time frame but I think Mr Ditton changed bakers to Hadleigh Bakery and eventually they bought the premises, then trading for some time as a branch shop. Once more, I stand to be corrected but I have a faint suspicion that Brian Watts (who then owned Hadleigh Bakery with his Mum) was involved with redevelopment of the whole parade as it stands today.

    By Graham Stevens (24/11/2014)
  • Just an afterthought but didn’t the Welsh chap who had fish’n’chip look and sound just like Aneurin Bevan. ??

    By Graham Stevens (24/11/2014)
  • Hello Graham

    You’re dead right about Mr Wright


    By sparrow (25/11/2014)

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