Wintry Wintergardens 1940s

Photos by H Reed

Have the gritters been? Nothing has changed then.

Joking aside anyone got any ideas where abouts at Wintergardens this might be?

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  • Hi,
    I am using the lower photo to provide info for Lesley Pryce who has made a comment on 21/2 on Andrew Manser’s Twelve Hours page. I hope my comment won’t be too long or complicated but it involves a series of recent coincidences
    It starts with me watching TV programme last week re the ‘ long deep- freeze of 1963’ this prompted me to thinking that although long and severe it wasn’t as bad as 1947 which Irecalled as a 4yr old. However I new we had a photo of the frozen Benfleet Creek in 47 on this site and also in 63 my long- time friend Alan Clark( Clarkie) had taken similar photos! Therefore Itried to contact Alan to see if we could source his photos.
    Please be patient as my i Pad battery is running out and I will have to continue with further comments.👍. G.

    By Graham Stevens (25/02/2024)
  • Comment continued:
    Unfortunately I was unable to speak with my long- time friend Alan as he has in the last 4 yrs become the victim of Rapid Progressive Dementia(RPD), very upsetting news for me,as we’d known each other from 5/6 yr olds at Leigh Beck school and enjoyed many adventures together right into our early twenties. However he is at home and still has minimal verbal contact with his wife, Pam,and at the moment the condition is stable! His wife was very helpful remembered the frozen creek photo and would fwd it to me.
    Back to the snow covered location above and info for Lesley; The large house on the right,with the Mansard roof was the residence of my brother Chris’s ex- wife Margaret Pollock +her mum&dad . It was called ‘Rosemary’ & on the north side of Somnes Ave, the bungalow to the left is’ Dorothy’ where the tragic deaths of the Manser brothers occurred. Winter Gardens path between the photographer and houses is hidden by snow.
    Also as a new boy at Westcliff High in 1953 like Rob Golding ( comment 2016) I have memories of Andrew Manser when we started there.
    Another tenuous connection is that Val, the daughter of my 100yrs old neighbour Mary is the widow of another Manser brother, Graham.
    I hope this info reaches Lesley Pryce in Australia.
    Best wishes Graham Stevens.


    By Graham Stevens (25/02/2024)

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