The Manly Family visit the Collins Family

New Zealand 1973

Me, then guessing Ernie's daughter then again guessing Ernie. My Mum June Probably Ernie's wife in front of her my brother Charles. Then Tony Collins at the back then Terry Collins and Dick far right. My Dad John must be taking the photo
Jane Parkin

Jane Parkin has sent in this great photo of the two Canvey families.

The Manly’s can be read about on pages within the archive, thanks to Jane’s many contributions.

The Collins family were Dick and Terry. Dick was a builder and they lived near Leigh Beck School before emigrating to New Zealand. In 1973 Jane and her family took a trip out there to see them. 

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  • Photo is outside Auckland international airport as the Manly family were departing New Zealand.
    Left to right.
    Jane, Jane’s Friend, Bruce Webb, June, Louise, Charles, Tony Collins, Terry & Dick Collins

    By Tony Collins (13/09/2020)

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