At work on the 'new' 1953 seawall.

My Dad Henry, aka Harry to his friends, moved to Canvey in 1947 when he married Mum. In 1953 they were living in a cottage in Harrow Road. After the Flood my Dad, being an HGV driver, was drafted in to help build the new seawall. A couple of the photos show himĀ  with workmates and possibly a foreman. Unfortunately I have no idea what their names were. There was nothing written on the back of the photos and because he died in his early 50’s we never had a chance to talk about his memories of the the Flood. Does anyone recognise any of his mates? It would be great to put names to the faces. Also, does anyone recognise the building in picture 2? It’s quite distinctive.

Dad in the lorry with 2 of his work mates.
Dad's seen here delivering muck to help build the seawall.
Standing on the beginnings of the new seawall.
One of the big cranes used to shovel muck into place on the new seawall.
Dad posing as only Dad could, complete with the usual ciggy.
Good progress being made. On right of photo is part of one of the barges used to bring in soil etc.

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  • Hi Janet, I think the building in photo 2 is the row overrated properties on Marine Parde to the east of Southfalls Rd between Van Diemans Pass and Northfalls Rd which was the home of the Pierce family.

    By Graham Stevens (10/04/2020)
  • Sorry seems like my I-pad has a mind of it’s own! Should have read ‘ a row of terraced houses’ not ‘overrated’.

    By Graham Steven (11/04/2020)
  • Thanks Graham, that’s really helpful.

    By Janet Walden (11/04/2020)

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