Double Exposure

Old Bungalow

One of Janine Ford’s old photos. Although it is a double exposure you can still see a very unusual old bungalow on the left which I felt was worth publishing. Do you remember this bungalow? Do you know where it was? Please comment below.

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  • Jan, immediately I saw this photo I got a vague recollection that this was Marie the Palmist’s (aka Servado) place so I checked your page from May 2008 about the Monte-Williams family,” A Showman comes to Canvey”. It’s only a suspicion but I think this could be Hazelwood, San Remo Rd referred to in that page.

    By Graham Stevens (17/08/2014)
  • That is definitely Marie the Palmist’s house
    where she lived with her adult son Danny. I also remember a Maurice Day and his mum renting part of the house.
    One day Marie decided to get a tall poplar tree cut down by 2 men – unfortunately they weren’t that skilled as the top half of the tree went through our flat roof and landed and got wedged in our bath. Weirdly, I don’t recall how they retrieved it!! I do remember the men had arrived without a ladder and had borrowed ours.

    By Janine Ford (31/12/2020)

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