Two Bishop Photos

From Joan Liddiard

The Bishop Family c1942 probably looking down Seaview Road
Joan Liddiard
Maurice Road 1926 with Reg and Bert Bishop
Joan Liddiard

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  • My sister Sheila is sure that the first photo is taken in Thorney Bay Road. But there is not a right hand turn on this road such as in the picture. If it’s not Seaview Road then it must be Furtherwick/Western Esplanade. The second photo came from Aubrey Stevens. I wonder if the girls and the little boy are members of Graham’s family?

    By Joan liddiard (16/01/2014)
  • I did not mention Aubrey Stevens for the second picture Joan because I think you will find it came from his archive collection not family collection. Which is why it was stamped. I have been given lots of things with his stamp on but nothing to do with the Stevens family.

    By Janet Penn (16/01/2014)
  • The pedal car with Tony Matthews in later was handed down to me and became the envy of all my friends. It was modelled on a Vauxhall open top tourer and had pump up tyres, working head lights, glass windscreen and opening bonnet, boot and doors. I also think the photograph was at the end of Furtherwick Road. My mother Nora Bishop is second from the right in the dark dress. I am there too, under the dark dress, but no yet born!

    By Rod Bishop (17/01/2014)

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