Reg Patten

Keith Patten's Father

Reg fixing a box for compass
Keith Patten

Keith says Reg Patten worked for Dauntless from the age of 15. He became foreman working over 30 years.

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  • I remember Reg well he surveyed then repaired my first sailing cruiser “Kings Falcon”, and hand carved the name boards for her. I later sailed to the Fresian Islands in Germany in her. It was one of his “23 ft Seaking’s” Reg was a great man who always did a first class job. On the wall in the boatyard was a map with pins in it showing where all his yachts had been, when I came back from Germany he said “I’ll have to get a bigger map!” as Germany was not shown on it.

    By Charles Summers. (25/06/2020)
  • I also was an owner of the Sea King craft “Kings Falcon” – number 29 in the class if I remember correctly – I had her moored at Benfleet Yacht Club in around 1973 my kids Samantha and Jeff sailed in her in their early years not cruising as far as Charlie did, mostly the Swale and Blackwater – I did try for Calais one year but was beaten by the weather and tide – my Father Ken Smith had two new Sea Kings built by Reg Patten and the Family – one named KEMARIMA – initials of all the family and the second was LEIGH KING – my Father never forgave me for not pointing out the obvious in the name!! – he thought of the name but it was all my fault that it was laughed at. Nice to know Keith is still around, a little older than me I hope he is well?
    Richard (Dick) Smith

    By Richard (Dick( Smith (20/02/2022)
  • He is fine Dick.

    By Janet Penn (20/02/2022)
  • That’s good to know pass my email if you wish to?

    By Dick Smith (20/02/2022)

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