Wamburg Road 1950s

Another from Maureen Buckmaster

Maureen says:-

“The photo is of Wamburg Road in the early 1950s looking from the alley. The alsatian dog Paddy was mine, and I think the other dog belonged to Terry Theobald who lived in the house you can see.”

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  • Hi, in the later years at Leigh Beck school Terry Theobald was my best mate so we spent a lot of time mucking about near his bungalow. It was all open space like this . From the back of his house there was a small field with a path which led to a bridge which crossed the dyke by the corner of Hassell, Baardwyck and Holbeck roads.
    Looks idyllic now doesn’t it but it was just our playground!

    By Graham Stevens (08/06/2020)

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