London Road

Is this a photo or a painting?

Slide of a painting copied from the postcard below
Norman Brooks
Postcard from Dave Bullocks collection dated 1921

The Market in London Road which was near the lane to St Anne’s Church. (far right) This looks more like a painting than a photo.


A slide from Norman Brooks’ collection which is a painting copied from the postcard added below for comparison which was dated 1921.

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  • I have a colour postcard of this, which I am sure is a photo

    By Eddie clarke (20/06/2018)
  • We too have a postcard of this view but if you take a look here it has a lot more detail whereas this looks like it is a painting of the postcard.

    I have added the postcard for comparison. 

    By Janet Penn (20/06/2018)
  • Sorry I think it could be a painting now, never seen that page brilliant enlargements

    By Eddie clarke (20/06/2018)
  • i have an old photo of this. It’s brown and white and belonged to my mother. My cousin was born in the large house that can be seen on the left. The turning on the left, at the front of the photo is Baardwyk Avenue.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (21/06/2018)

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