Canvey Gas Works

Date unknown

Picture sent in by Rob Bishop of the finished Gas Plants as shown in Norman's picture above
Site of the Red Hill near Gas works
Norman Chisman
Red Hill near the gas works
Norman Chisman

More of Norman Chisman’s slides

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  • Re:Canvey Gas Works pictures. The top picture is of one of the fresh water boreholes on Canvey,the tank situated next to the small brick building was green in colour and was at the bottom of Wall Road,the picture was taken from the top of the seawall as the elevated shot indicates & the large building in the background is where Canvey Supply depot now is. An identical building & tank was also at Charfleets.

    By Ian Newman (21/09/2012)
  • The colour photo is the construction of the two Continuous Catalytic Reforming Plants at the Methane Terminal. These plants were commissioned by the Power Gas Corporation in 1965 to produce town gas at a calorific value of 500 BTU’s to the local area prior to the conversion to Natural Gas (Methane). The small tank was for “Light Distillate Spirit”(LDS), used for making the gas and was fed on a daily basis via a pipiline from Shell Storage at Shell Haven.These plants could also use Methane & LPG as a feedstock.

    By Rod Bishop (15/12/2012)

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