Station Road

Any ideas of the date?

One of Norman Chisman’s slides

Corner of Station Road as it is today

Do you remember this shop, can you tell us when this picture could have been taken?

The picture on the left shows Station Road as it is today. Shops all gone replaced by houses and bungalows.

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  • Clement’s Dairies about 1959. There are several photos on my ‘Basket-ful of Memories’ pt 3 page that my Dad took mid to late 60s but the property looks in only slightly better condition than when they were standing derelict then. I think the bungalow was built in 1970.

    By Graham Stevens (15/09/2012)
  • Hi Graham I remember this building, and next door was Mrs Cuthberts, where we used to buy Penny Bags of sweets.

    By Tony Matthews (14/12/2012)
  • The Colognoris, who ran the Commodore, used to live in the back of Clements Dairies. I think the aunt ran the dairy in the 1950s.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (16/12/2012)

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