Sunset in Holehaven

But where is the jetty?

Taken before it burnt down in the 80s

This is a photo, one of Norman Chisman’s slides. was taken of Holehaven before the Jetty for the oil refinery was built. When trying to date the picture I noticed the seawall was the post 1953 wall which can just about be made out in silhouette. Also the  watch office must have been rebuilt at some point as it is definitely different to what is there today. Perhaps this was done when the seawall was was rebuilt in the late 70’s.

So it was taken after 1953. before the late 70’s and before the jetty was built. Which would suggest the 60’s. Does anyone know when the jetty was actually built?

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  • I would suggest that this picture was taken from the sea wall next to the Lobster Smack facing towards Benfleet direction. My friends and I used ride from the village on our bikes,down to the Lobster Smack and sit by the jetty having a picnic. We also had handmade fishing rods with us but funnily enough, we never caught anything.

    By Barbara (10/11/2012)
  • The refinery jetty started being built in 1974 which is when I think the refinery began construction. The image here shows it in 1974 where half of the ‘legs’ have been put in and only the beginning of the walkway has been built.

    By Liam Heatherson (11/11/2012)

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