A grandson?

From the Harrison/Bolt family photos

Is this a grandson of the Harrison/Bolt family? Does anyone recognise him? All the pictures for this family are taken during the 1930’s period.

I am sure someone can tell me where this picture was taken.

The building on the left is very distinctive. Enlargements can be found of the buildings in the gallery below.


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  • I’m wandering if the boy is sitting in the field now occupied by Canvey Football Club – Park Lane. That looks like one of the art deco houses that were built in Leigh Beck Road, 1936?

    By David Bullock (29/04/2009)
  • Another possibility is the boy is sitting near Thorney Bay and we are looking at Leigh Road in the background – there was an art deco house very similar to that with another to the right (where the bungalow is) that is now occupied by another Art Deco house to this day, on the juction of Furndale Crescent.

    By David Bullock (29/04/2009)
  • Yes, Dave, like you my first thought was, Park Lane, but the garages didn’t look right. I was just about to go and check it out but went back to the page and saw you’d put on the advert photo of the Fielder properties in Leigh Rd. Spot on! You saved me the trip, definitely Thorney Bay. I believe Jan has a late 60s colour photo, donated by Johnny Tremain, of his Dad Mickey’s house on the other corner of Ferndale Crescent in all it’s Art-Deco glory! Perhaps if she could put it with the others we’d have a full set. Tremain’s house is still there, although unfortunately stripped of it’s Art-Deco facade, the two middle ones have been replaced and as you say the one on the right of the picture still exists in it’s original form. The bungalows are still there too.

    By Graham Stevens (29/04/2009)

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