Which Camp

Taken c1980

Which holiday camp were these photos taken. Kings over Newlands or Thorney Bay. What do you think.

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  • Kings … bottom picture you can just make out the Water Tower at the top of Essex Way.

    By Kevin Tansey (30/12/2015)
  • Sorry, I disagree with this one. I think it’s Thorney Bay. The ghostly image of the Water Tower is a bit of an optical illusion and I don’t think the Tewkes Creek wall running along the boundary of King’s would have a return as shown in the photo. Another point, it would appear that Mr Judge seems (from photos shown) to have an interest in that area.

    By Graham Stevens (30/12/2015)
  • its definitely Thorny Bay. I dont recall caravans like this on Kings, at least not so many and hitched up to power,  although the position of the Water Tower and housing does lend itself to being over Newlands. It is Thorney Bay.

    By Joan liddiard (31/12/2015)
  • You are correct Graham. Paul has the bottom photo noted as being Thorney Bay. He does not have anything for the top photo.

    By Janet Penn (03/01/2016)

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