Eddie Kidd at Canvey Show

When was this?

Some years ago I got to the island a little late with my camera, missing the event. Eddie Kidd had been jumping over buses and cars with his motorbike.

Eddie Kidd signing autographs at Waterside Farm event

By the time I arrived he was signing autographs and fans were queuing up to meet him. The venue was the Waterside Farm Swimming Pool which had the diving lady painted on a sidewall.

Adoring fans. Were you there? Do you remember the date?

A friend’s son promised: “I know Eddie. I’ll bring him out for you,” and disappeared into the entertainer’s caravan, but nothing happened.

I’d missed the action anyway and did not pursue the matter any further. And I made no notes.

Mural on the stuntman’s van

Were you there? Can you perhaps put a date to the pictures and the event?

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  • Eddie did two tours of the UK one in 1980 and again in 1981 according to his official website.

    I remember him coming to the Island although I did not see him and it would have been about this time.

    By Janet Penn (17/03/2009)
  • Many thanks, Janet, I think Eddie Kidd had been over before and I don’t remember him after these pictures were taken, so 1981 it has to be. It doesn’t say much for the photographer to have missed the main event…

    By Robert Hallmann (03/04/2009)
  • Unfortunately I can’t remember the year, I think around 1977, I was about 13 yrs old at the time, my friend and I got there early, and spent most of the day with him, I saw him again at the old dog stadium in sutton road, southend when he was filming Riding High, that was filmed all over essex, the coreography was funny, well worth a watch? ha ha

    By alan (02/02/2010)
  • Eddie Kidd had an accident 15 years ago. Tonight he was on the news, being about to finish the London Marathon. That must have been a devastating accident…

    By Robert Hallmann (06/06/2011)
  • Can I ask Robert Hallmann to get in touch concerning this artical. Dnnngels@aol.com thanks.

    By Elisabeth Dunning (26/12/2012)

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