Dinner and Dance at the Jellicoe

Bernard Braine in attendance

Ron Reynolds is on the left side second table turning towards the camera with his wife and next to her is Rupert Ives.

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  • What would you say about this type of gathering? Smart clothes clean and tidy. For Beatrice and I it was a first and thoroughly enjoyed by both of us.

    It was held at the Admiral Jellicoe. A very dark night when we came out, it was also before Furtherwick Rd school was built on a large field.  A very useful short cut on our way to Poplar rd were we lodged with Mrs  Manthorpe.  Part way across Beatrice yelled ‘lost my shoe’. I fumbled around found it, covered in mud, also some on our legs and clothing what we did not realise digging had taken place for the foundations drainage and wiring for the school. No lights on at all just pitch black All we could do was get across the best we could.  

    The thought of that short cut was with us for the next 59+ yrs. Oh no dad not one of your short cuts.  Either walking, cycling, climbing, or driving, in this country or abroad. Always with a Grin on a face.   A night to remember.


    By Ron Reynolds (13/04/2015)
  • Hello Mr Reynolds,

    Do you remember the occasion?

    It seems that there are a few Island yacht club members in the gathering. On the nearest table, back row third one up from right is John Fisk and possibly Jean Fisk nee Clark next to him. Opposite him is David Coates. Even from the back of his head I can see Jack Fennwick near row first one from right. John looks early twenties he was born 1931 so this must be early to mid fifties.

    Did you take a long cut home!

    By Jane Parkin (17/04/2015)
  • My parents George and Olive Chambers are on John Fisk’s right. John was Dad’s cousin. They look like they were having a great time!

    By Marion Hanman (18/04/2015)
  • Remember it very well indeed. So pleased for your comments, yes we did take that short cut? Which became a long one, you might remember how churned up it was in such a short time. I had no idea it had happened as Rue Ives gave us a lift there. But we decided to walk back to poplar rd. All my pics will be around that date as we arrived on Canvey late 1955 married in St Katherine’s Nov 1955 and left 1967.   I would have been still there if the organisation of the shop had not been altered so dramatically.  We had four children and decided  to do the best for them so it meant moving even though we had our own  property then.

    By Ron Reynolds (18/04/2015)

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