Inside Ives Shoe Shop

Furtherwick Road

Ron Reynolds on the right with Peter.
Ron Reynolds

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  • Peter was with me for a fair time strong as the proverbial ox, which was very handy as we kept a lot of stock in the loft up stairs to the landing then up a loose ladder into the loft. No health and safety those days. At the back we had a storeroom that went the full size of the garden area with a fully fitted repair shop at the end. Our stock was the most comprehensive I ever saw in my travels after Canvey.  

    Still in the trade until I retired at 65 many years going into other retailers and never seeing stock as Ives had.

    By Ron Reynolds (12/04/2015)
  • I remember Ives shoe shop so well. My sister and I were always taken there for new shoes. I can still recall the smell of the shop – new leather and she polish.

    Dad used to take his shoes there for repair, there would be a shelf with all repaired shoes in brown paper bags.  I remember Ron and Peter very well.

    By Liz Swann (13/04/2015)

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