Judo Group

with Ron Reynolds

Ron is forth from right back row
Ron Reynolds
Ron is far right back row.

Can you tell us more Ron?

If you recognise anyone or if you are in the picture please comment below.

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  • Oh Dear. My wicked days before I could do judo on Canvey. This was a club at Hadliegh that I joined.  The only reason was no Judo available on the Island 1955. obviously both photos the same club. The one thing you won’t see are the aches and pains going through us all, or mainly, as I can see some smiling faces.  That will mean the smilers. will be pushed much harder at our next session. I also enjoyed cycling up Essex way each time I went. Also knew exactly where the last lamp post was situated.as then it was easier to ride as it flattened out a little.  I did find all my customers coming into Ives shoe shop were very nice and polite,  I wonder why?.   Ron     

    By Ron Reynolds (13/04/2015)

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