St Katherine's Church choir and wardens

Donated by Keith Bonsor

Spearman choirmaster in middle at front, organist at St Katherines, back row Mr Lee at left, Peter Hawkins with the cross, Ernie Bonsor back right, Mrs Lee second row 3rd from right, Tall man next to Ernie B think is Laurie Dingley, Vicar Mr Fleetwood front left
K Bonsor
Whose wedding is this?
K Bonsor

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  • Looking again, recognised the lady in front of Mr Lee, is Ivy Brazier – She was Tawny Owl in the brownies too.

    Front right is Mr Omerod who was the curate. Remember singing at Johnny and Pat Tremains wedding – we were paid double (50 Pence) as it was a Sunday!

    By MARGARET BROCK (05/08/2010)
  • Tall man next to Peter is Fred Jeary.not Laurie.

    By Pam French (30/12/2020)

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