The Old Village Hall

Pictures donated by Keith Bonsor

Many thanks to Keith Bonsor who has donated these pictures to the archive. If you can add any names, dates or have any other comments please add them below.

The old village hall opp. St Katherines was donated to the church by the Regent oil company.

Volunteers digging drains at old village hall.

In this picture are Ernie Bonsor, Mr Vincent and the Vincent bros, Fred Johnson

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  • The first three people in the front of the picture are Mick Cox, my grandfather, May fogdon, an aunt, and Harry Fogdon married to my aunt Lil. On the second table with the flower on her dress is my nan Dolly Cox

    By Celia Slate (28/09/2009)
  • The lady far right with round glasses is Miss Vincent , head mistress of Leigh Beck School

    By Joan Liddiard (26/06/2014)
  • Not sure that this is the village hall; the windows look like Crittal steel framed windows and there is a sloping brick section between the windows, also looks like concrete beams supporting the roof. Possibly a nissen type building with dormer windows. Could it be the one in Denham Road on the left, at one time the Ministry of Food office?

    By Michael Swanson (26/06/2014)

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