Does anyone recognise these buildings?

Dyke on Canvey?

These pictures taken late 1970’s was amongst the negatives donated by John and Eileen Potter. These and others were notated as being pictures of Dykes, but I cannot put an exact location on them. Any ideas?

More¬†pictures of Canvey’s Sea defences can be seen here¬†and more pictures from the collection can be seen here.

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  • Hi Jan
    I’ve looked long and hard at these photos and now come up with a possibility for each one. I’m convinced the top one is the dyke that snakes around the southern perimeter of the Charfleets industrial estate. I can’t be specific about the buildings shown but in the centre that looks like the Occidental chimney. These days the dyke is most in evidence running alongside Jet Tyres.

    The lower picture I believe was taken a bit earlier than the late 70s, maybe 70 to 75 before Lawrence Homes/ Hilton Rd area was developed.Far distance are Hadleigh Downs then the continuous black line are the piles of the post-flood sea-wall; middle distance where the houses and bushes are you can vaguely see the outline of the Winter Gardens path and to left of the photo there is what appears to be a chicken shed, a family called Wooding had a chicken farm apprx there just south of the path. This should put the dyke at the western end of the Lake,just past the bridge at the end of Denham Rd, where the culvert starts. So we are looking in a north east direction towards where Castle View School now stands.

    By Graham Stevens (17/06/2009)

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