The Seafront early 1980's

Building of the new wall

The following pictures show the construction of the new seawall running along the seafront. The work looks quite dangerous, definately uncomfortable. I cannot quite workout what part of the seafront some of the pictures are so if anyone wants to take a stab please make a comment below the pictures.

Canvey Seafront

The Seafront

Pictures donated by John and Eileen Potter

More pictures from the Potter collection can be seen here¬†and pictures of Canvey’s Sea defences can be seen here.

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  • Is the picture taken standing on Chapmans sands jetty, I think the roof you see in the back ground, is the cafe that used to be on the corner of Helendoorn Rd, my grand parents had a house there 50s to 70s good times, I live in Sydney now.

    By barry jackman (16/04/2011)
  • I remember how the gap between the old and new walls was filled in with big pinkish coloured rock which contained white crystals (which we all said was quartz; I don’t know if that is right). This rock decorated many Canvey gardens for years afterwards! I wonder how much of it is still about.

    By Mark Etheridge (23/03/2013)
  • I worked on the defences from 1979-1980, for Mears Nuttal, we started the wall by the yacht club and finished  it up by the ammusement arcades, happy days.

    By robert wood (14/11/2017)

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