Alice Bell nee Hawkes

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The photo below is of Alice Bell nee Hawkes and is thought to be taken on Canvey Island.

Alice Bell outside a bungalow, is this on Canvey?

Alice Bell was the daughter of Charles and Louisa Jane Hawkes. Louisa Jane died in 1941 her death registered as Chelmsford and buried in St Katherines Churchyard. Her husband had died some ten years before with no connection to Canvey. The couple had eleven children.

The archive has no record of the family on the island at this time but as can be seen from the memorial card Louisa was definitely buried here and we have identified her grave.

We do know that at least two of her daughters were living on the island. Edith, born 1886 in Stoke Newington, North London, married Charles Howard Beeching, he died in 1944 and is buried in St Katherines. Alice born 1890 married Ernest Bell in 1914. Their daughter Queenie born 1920 in Hackney, was living at 16 Meynell Avenue, Canvey when she married Maurice Gough in 1945.

Was this the home of Alice Bell? Was this the bungalow in the photo?

The name above the door is not very clear. Looks like six letters possibly ‘P___IT’.

Is this ringing bells with anyone? Please comment below and help relatives Jan and Mary Anne find out about their family.

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  • Is the name ‘Peewit’ ?  Not  sure!  3 xx

    By Cheri (16/10/2015)
  • Hello

    This may be coincidence but two elderly ladies lived at number 11 Urmond road opposite us and their names were Alice and “Edie”.

    Their ages seem to fit with the birth dates given. Edie died in the forties or early fifties and Alice in the fifties or early sixties. Alice was offered rescue from the 1953 floods but absolutely refused to leave her animals of which she had many, and stayed there throughout although her house was under water.

    There was a Gough family living a few doors along on the other side of the road. I also remember they were connected with the name Whitwell.

    Hope this helps



    By sparrow (16/10/2015)
  • Thanks Sparrow I will follow it up.

    By Janet Penn (16/10/2015)
  • This is probably No 11 Urmond Road. The original bungalow has gone but the Fire Hydrant sign is still outside the present property at 11 Urmond Road.

    By michael swanson (24/10/2015)
  • In 1939 Lousia Jane Hawkes (b.11 May 1864) is Living at Maynell Avenue either no. 11 or 12 the original record says 12 and the transcription says 11, she is living with who I presume to be her son James Hawkes (b. 4 Dec 1904)  and Daughter-in-law Gladys (b. 10 Aug 1903). 2 more people are living at this address with them but their records are closed either because they are in the armed forces, died after 1992 or are still alive. 

    Other people with the surname of Hawkes living on the island in 1939 are:- 

    Eliza Hawkes (b. 2 July 1867) living at Warrior Square

    Florence (b. 15 June 1881) and Willie (b. 4 Nov 1873) living at 15 Beach Road both state they are Widowed.

    Charles Howard Beeching (b.28 Dec 1881) and Edith (b. 12 July 1887) in 1939 are living at 129 Hainault Avenue Southend-on-Sea. 

    I cannot find any records for Alice, Ernest or Queenie Bell possible for the reasons stated above.


    By Sue Dean (02/06/2017)

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