Anyone know Rosslyn bungalow?

These are photos of my mum taken in summer 1940 and July 1941, her name was Jenny Picking. The bungalow was her aunt’s holiday home (she was bought up by her aunt after the death of her mum, along with 3 sisters).  Her Aunt Rose had a furniture business in north London and they went to the bungalow for occasional weekends and holidays. I’ve tried to find out about it before but I only know the name of the bungalow from the photo, Rosslyn . If you have any info I would love to find out about it, many thanks.

Found in the 1939 Register - editor

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  • Looks like it is Marine Avenue.

    By Janet Penn (19/12/2023)
  • There was also a property down Jaarlsburg Rd (Now Tewkes rd) of the same name which was vacant at the time of the 1939 “Census”.

    By Martin Lepley (20/12/2023)
  • If it is Marine Avenue, (Jaarlsberg {Tewkes Rd} the alternative), then it was on the current site of 44 Marine Avenue. In fact the one down Marine Ave is often called Roselyn, which might just be a misnaming.

    By Martin Lepley (20/12/2023)

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