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When and where were these taken?

We believe these were taken in the 1970s. Possibly the Annual Dinner of the CI Chamber of Trade and Industry.

Trish Turner-Ryan has another photo taken from this or a similar event which was the Canvey Conservative Club Annual Dinner and Dance at the Cumberland Suite in Westcliff. This would date it as 1972 or there abouts. She tells us:  On the right hand side of the picture in the waistcoat is my grandad Jack (John) Ryan, not sure who the lady is directly next to him is, the lady in the front of the picture is my Nan Elsie ( Lilian) Ryan, my mum is the small blonde headed lady peaking through – Brenda Ryan and my dad Colin Ryan is to the left of grandad.

Barry Campagna tells us: The guy second from the right in the black suit is Gerry Bermando.

If you can help us by telling us where and when these were taken or you can identify anyone in the photos please make a comment below that photo. Thank You.

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  • The man, bottom left, is Harold Hart, who was an active member of the Canvey community for many years. (1950s onwards). He was involved in the Boy Scout movement and activities at St Kathrine’s Church, alongside Mr. Bishop.

    The lady to his left is Christine, his wife. 

    Jacqui Smith

    Western Australia


    By Jacqui Smith (09/02/2018)
  • Looks like Mary Dallas in white, sleeveless dress squatting down next to another female wearing white.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (13/07/2020)
  • In the bottom right of the picture are my parents and grandparents- Jack (John) Ryan, Elsie(Lillian)Ryan, Colin Ryan & Brenda Ryan nee Madge

    By Tricia (14/07/2020)
  • To the left of the photo is Sid Alterman and his wife. Behind Mary Dallas is her husband.

    By Joan liddiard (29/07/2023)

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