Grandpa Noble

Can anyone help

This postcard has Grandpa Noble, Canvey Island written on the back.
But who is Grandpa Noble?

So what do we know?

The postcard is dated after 1902 as it has a divided back. No other clues there.

Using the picture to date it is also not that easy. Men’s fashions are not as easy to follow as womens in the early 1900s. The man ‘Grandpa Noble’ is wearing a typical black or dark jacket and the definite ‘must have’ Edwardian moustache.

The building is typical Canvey bungalow with corrugated roof dated from the same period. The area surrounding does not give away anything about the location.

One other piece of important information I have found is that in 1905 a Mr R Noble was granted planning permission to add a brick extension to a timber building in London Road, Canvey Island. Well we seem to be getting somewhere.

After 1902, after 1905 and typical Edwardian clothes and moustache. So I would date the picture/card c1910.

But who was Grandpa Noble? We have R Noble on the planning application and a James Noble in the 1918 Electoral Roll. James Noble is stated as a non-occupier at Cranbrook Villa, Leigh Beck and his abode was stated as 145 Armagh Road, Bow.

This is I believe the correct family that is associated with the bungalow but I have not been able to find out anymore about them. There is also the family of Albert David Noble who with his wife came to the island around 1930. I am in touch with them but so far we have not been able to connect the two families.

If anyone knows anything to helps us identify Grandpa Noble or the bungalow that was in London Road please comment below.

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  • I have been looking to find Grandpa Noble, I have not found any family member of James Noble of 145 Armagh Road Poplar with a first initial of ‘R’ as it says in the planning application of 1905, it could be just a coincidence that R Noble lived on the island too. Could James be Grandpa, I have found two vacant properties in Leigh Beck in 1939 with the name Cranbrook the first is in Van Diemens Pass and the other is in either Forenstead or Forested/Forestead Avenue (writing difficult to read) none of these roads I believe exist today, it is close to Camperdown Avenue records on the same page as the Jellicoe but again I think (correct me if I am wrong) Camperdown Avenue also does not exist now but there is a Camperdown Road on the other side of the Island. 

    The only record I can find for London Road is a cottage named St Winnow owned by Harriet Dinney, of course this information is taken 25 years after R Noble applied for planning. 

    I cannot find any connection with Albert David Noble living in New Road in 1939 and James Noble of Poplar even by going further back in time I could not find a connection.

    When James died he left his estate to his son ArthurJohn Noble I cannot find a record of him living on Canvey. Perhaps the Cranbrook was just a holiday home.

    Looks like it will remain a mystery for a bit longer.

    By Sue Dean (07/06/2017)
  • You are looking at records some years past the era we are looking at here Sue.

    By Janet Penn (07/06/2017)
  • In the Poor Rate Book. of 1906 a  “NOBLE Jas.” arrives as occupier of Cranbrook Villa with the owner being “Hes. & Co.”. The latter 1906 Book has ”NOBLE Jas.” as both occupier and owner. I think “Jas.” is an abbreviations of “James”

    The 1910 Field Book has a James NOBLE at Cranbrook Villa which is down Van Diemens Pass. THIS ROAD EXISTS TODAY and is located at the point and off Springfield  Road. There are no other NOBLEs mentioned in the Poor Rate Book of 1905 or 1906.

    I wonder if the R. NOBLE on the Essex Record Office SEAX site might be a transcriber error. Obtaining a copy of this planning record may shed light on this.

    The Field Book of 1910 also mentions that the property is let weekly for 2 or 3 months of the year and contains 4 rooms.

    The Planning detail mentions “Brick addition to old wooden building” and the picture shows a Brick addition to the back of the building.

    The orientation of a map I have will mean that the front of the property is facing WEST. The shadow of the picture does not contradict this.

    Of course “Grampa Noble” may have only been staying at the property on holiday.

    By Martin Lepley (29/09/2017)
  • Hi Janet, I saw this postcard while browsing e bay.  I am not sure at the moment but think he may possibly be my great grandfather. I am asking others in my family if they know anything about him. My great grandfather died before I was born but I knew his wife Ada Noble and his daughter, also Ada,was my grandmother. I believe they came to live on Canvey from London.

    By Rita Green (22/10/2017)

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