Three old Roughcast Bungalows


Any ideas where these were and who lived in them?

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  • We lived in a timber framed roughcast bungalow called Ashleigh in Lotem Road…it was fine until dad slipped and put his backside through the asbestos lounge wall…all this long before the asbestos scares..we lived there from 1960 until 1964.Loved it there.Bungalow sadly now demolished and two brick builds in its place.

    By Sandra Springall (05/01/2018)
  • There is no information on how these rough cast timber bungalows were constructed we have just brought one and a lot of asbestos to remove

    By Susan (25/05/2022)
  • What exactly is your point Susan? There are plans on some of the old bungalows on site.

    By Janet Penn (25/05/2022)

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