Tree Planting

Any ideas where and when?

We think the lady is Madge Moore. Please comment below if you have any ideas.

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  • Is that the Chairman of CIUDC Donald Allen on the right? If it is then this photo is dated 1972-74.

    By Janet Penn (06/03/2021)
  • Yes that’s definitely that’s Madge. Trying to think what connection she might have Sea Rangers? Venables?
    I don’t think that’s Dave Allen.

    By Graham (07/03/2021)
  • Sorry, looks like the face recognition part of my memory has failed. I was sure that Dave Allen and his family lived in the house called ‘ Bewitched’ next to the Bakery. This is obviously the Council. Chairmanof CIUDC n the group photo of that year!

    By Graham (08/03/2021)
  • No problem Graham. I had no idea what he looked like. I was just going by that photo which was published in the CIUDC booklet so guessed it must be right. 🙂

    By Janet Penn (08/03/2021)

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