Charles Ealding


Charles Frederick Ealding

We have recently been passed some photos by the Bay Museum showing Charles Frederick Ealding and family. Charles was born in Walthamstow in 1906 and the family are recorded there in the 1911 census where Charles’ father, Henry Charles’ occupation was stated as Butcher.

We do not know when the family came to Canvey, they are not on the electoral roll for 1929 but they can be seen in a photo in the gallery below in an early photo on Canvey. Did they own the place or rent it and what was the date?

We do know the family were on the Island during the war when Charles F. married Kathleen Minnie Fuller at St Katherine’s Church on the 5th April 1941. Kathleen was not from the Island, perhaps Charles met her whilst stationed elsewhere. Charles’ address at the time of his marriage was 186 The Driveway which was also Henry Charles’ address at the time of his death in 1945.

The couple lived on the Island and had at least three children and I believe still lived in The Driveway.

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  • Photo with car. The year is probably 1942. The man in the photo is my granddad Frederick Fuller. He’s evacuating my Mum and sister to Sandy in Bedfordshire. Looking at the bungalows in the background, they have tape on the windows in case of bombing.


    By David Ealding (14/07/2018)
  • Kathleen was a dinner lady at Furtherwick Park School for many years.

    By David Ealding (15/07/2018)
  • My Mother and father’s wedding at St Katherine’s Church. The lady beside my father is my grandmother.

    By David Ealding (15/07/2018)
  • The bungalow was called ‘Cranbrook’ after the place the family originally came from. It was near what is now Kings Park. The name of the road was changed, I think, and it possibly ran parallel to Landsburg Road. It was built as a weekend place by my family. When they moved down here they lived in The Driveway.

    The man in the background on the right is Arthur Ealding, in front of him is Emily Ealding. To the left was my Dad’s girlfriend, I can’t remember her name. The boy on the veranda is Stanley Ealding and his sister Violet. All 3 of them sadly died later from TB when Stanley was 24 and Violet was 28. My Father also contracted TB but recovered.

    Charles who was originally from Walthemstow where he worked for a butchers. When he moved to Canvey he worked for one of the butchers in town.

    By David Ealding (15/07/2018)
  • In 1939 there was a Cranbrook down Forenstead Ave. This is now Small gains avenue. This is not, however parallel to Landsburg Road but near the Kings park.

    By Martin Lepley (15/07/2018)
  • When we moved to Canvey from Leigh on Sea in 1940-41, there was barbed wire the full length of The Parkway and the Driveway together with some concrete “ tank traps “. I believe an invasion was expected!! There were openings in the barbed wireg

    By Gerald Hudson (15/07/2018)

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