George Pratt & Annie Edwards.

The wedding of George Pratt & Annie Edwards. Outside Annie's home at Northwick.

The wedding of George Pratt & Annie Edwards
Steve Merrigan

L to R back row. Mr Murray, Frank Noakes, Alice Pratt daughter of George & Harriet Pratt married to Frank Noakes, George Pratt, Harriet Pratt, nee Deadman, Mr Edwards, Mrs Edwards, brides stepmother, the next three are not know but believed to be relatives of the bride, the next one is believed to be a relative of the groom, the last one on the right is a half-brother to the bride and is married to Emily, sister of the groom.

Second row sitting on chairs L to R, first one unknown, Lizzie Pratt, sister of the bridegroom (my wife’s grandmother) Emily Pratt who married the brides half-brother, the bridegroom George Pratt, the bride Annie Edwards, the next one is a relation of the bride, a half-sisters of the bride and the last one is the wife of the gentlemen who is unknown second from the right on the back row.

Third row sitting on the ground L to R, Emily Pratt sister to the groom and wife of a half-brother of the bride, the next one is unknown, Fred Pratt, brother of the groom, small child standing is Annie Pratt, sister of the groom, Arthur Pratt, brother of the groom, half-sister of the bride, Edie Pratt, sister of the groom and the last one is the daughter of the lady on the right of the second row and the gentlemen second from the right on the back row.

Can anyone fill in the blanks for me please?

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  • Steve would that be the marriage in 1906 to Mary Ann Edwards?

    By Janet Penn (30/04/2016)
  • Yes, I have them as being married on 20th September 1906 at the parish Church, Canvey Island, Essex.

    I have details of two children, there may have been more, Robert George Pratt born C1908 who married Edna Pavitt and he died in Dorset in C1995 and the other child was Hilda Emily Pratt born 1920. She married Eric Mason.

    Other than that I have no further details of the family.

    By Steve Merrigan (04/05/2016)

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