Smile for the Camera Joe Overs

At last a picture of the man with the camera

Many thanks to Michael and Lin Swanson for this very rare photo of the man with the camera, Joe Overs.

He took hundreds of photos over many years. Many wedding photos as this one is, lots around the Island, many of his photos are featured here on this website. He worked for Jackson’s Photography.

Until now no one had produced a picture of the man himself. I know many of you remember him. I have heard many stories some are here on this site, but we would love to hear more.

So if you have a story to tell about Joe Overs please comment below.

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  • Hello Joe Overs had a brother who I met when he worked at Egen Electric on Canvey in 1960. He was younger than Joe so might still be around. Regards Sparrow

    By sparrow (18/06/2013)
  • His parents were Isadore Overs known as Harry and Lillie Oesterman. They lived on Canvey in 1929 at ‘Lilliville’, Hallett Road. I have been told that his father was Jewish and his mother was Catholics. Which is perhaps why he practised a slightly unorthodox religion.

    By Janet Penn (11/01/2014)
  • I remember Joe coming to Taranto Road to take a photo of me, aged about 2, at my dad’s request. Instead of taking me indoors, he threw a blanket over the coal bunker lid, sat me on it and took the picture with the roughcast wall as a background. Not quite what mum expected! The photo isn’t a bad one.

    By Yvonne Creasy, nee Burgess (08/02/2014)
  • Joe Overs was a great friend of my father VIC BARNES and was always socialising over at our home behind the Fishing Tackle Shop in the High Road Benfleet.  And so was Mr. Jackson of Jackson’s Photo Services a pal of my dad’s too….’Uncle Joe’ took lots of portrait photos of our family including some of me and my sister Jackie Barnes….

    By Bobbie Barnes-Jones (21/01/2016)

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