'The Red Circle'

Entertainers in the 40s

A group of youngsters in the forties who would put on shows. They would rehearse at the Haystack, entertaining people at the Haystack, Jellicoe and Monico.

On the back row the only boy is Albert Cakes, third from the right is Natalia Gibson next is Wendy Moorland and the lady on the right is Mrs Levy.

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  • I don’t know anything about the photograph itself but the details of the photographer are interesting as I think this may refer to the bungalow where my grandparents lived. They were called Harry and Alice Harvey and retired to Canvey in the 1940’s. I was born there, and as I remember, it was called “Arena” and was number 3, May Avenue. There was a glass-roofed studio at the back with various chairs and props and a small darkroom but was no longer used when I was a child. However, the photographer can’t have been my grandfather as he was H J S Harvey. Looking through family records, I have, so far, not been able to find a match. It could be a coincidence but I shall keep looking!

    By Dee Weightman (30/09/2014)
  • Too much of a coincidence. I will see what I can find out from here.

    By Janet Penn (30/09/2014)
  • Looking at the photograph again, I think it might have been taken in the back garden there. It backed onto an unmade road (Florence Road?) with trees on the opposite side. The studio would have been on the left hand side of where they were posed.

    By Dee Weightman (01/10/2014)
  • The initials on the stamp is E H Harvey. You do have an Edward Edwin Howard Harvey.

    By Janet Penn (01/10/2014)
  • I think you mean Ernest Edwin Howard Harvey but I think he died in 1896 – although I have yet to verify that with a death certificate.

    By Dee Weightman (01/10/2014)
  • Right it would not be him then. Interesting.

    By Janet Penn (01/10/2014)
  • I did some more research and found on the 1939 Register carried out just after the start of WW2,  Ernest Henry Harvey living at “Arena”, 3, May Avenue, Canvey Island; Married; Occupation: Variety Artiste. Also Sadie L Harvey; D.O.B, 4/9/1895; Married; Occupation: Domestic duties. More delving on Ancestry showed he was from a long line of circus performers and worked as Erno Aguzzi in a double act with his brother. as wire walkers. Their mother Lizzie Aguzzi, and father Billy Harvey were equestrian artistes. Erno later worked as a revue comedian. He died aged 77 at Southend in 1954 and had an obituary in The Stage newspaper. Colourful characters but, as far as I can find, none of them related to my Harvey family!

    By Dee Weightman (30/08/2017)
  • Great news Dee. Another question answered.

    By Janet Penn (30/08/2017)
  • Also in Kelly’s Directory 1937 Ernest is recorded as being the Secretary of the Garden Club which was situated in the High Street.

    By Janet Penn (30/08/2017)
  • Wonderful to read about Erno Harvey – he had show business DNA. I have being carrying out ancestry investigations for a few years for my family and my grandfather was William Antonio Harvey, Erno’s younger brother and half of the Aguzzi Brothers wire act.   Would any of your readers have any photos of Erno for his time at Canvey Island, or know what happened to his personal possessions as he must have had decades of circus and theatrical memorabilia?  Long shot I know. I don’t think he had children.  Any news would be beyond joyous.

    Sheila Lidington  04/11/2017

    By Sheila Lidington (04/11/2017)
  • Regarding the only boy in back row of the photo, there was a boy about that age during WW2 who lived on The Parkway just down from us, however, his name was Albert Gates!! Wonder if it could have been him.? He was a bit older than me and I was about 8 or 9 at that time.

    By Gerald Hudson (06/11/2017)
  • Memory wise, I have reached back to those times and I now think the boy that I am referring to was named Albert Cates and his nick name was “ Ginger”, as he was red headed and lived opposite the Tye family on the Parkway!  Sorry for the error, but that was a long time ago and may not have any connection to the boy in the picture!!

    By Gerald Hudson (06/11/2017)
  • It is my Father in the photograph. His name is Albert Cates aka Gin’er and he lived in the Parkway with his 3 sisters. He remembers being in a couple of shows Me & My Girl and Wings for Victory which were held at the Casino Ballroom. He believes he used to dance (ballroom) at a bungalow in Fairlop Avenue before the classes were moved to the Casino and he thinks run by a couple Eric & Nina. The group was also looked after by a Mrs Walker. My Dad used to also sing with a local band at the Casino & also at the Bay Club. He was still dancing up until a few months ago. He also remembers Natalie Gibson, Wendy Moorland and Gerald Hudson. Great memories for him.

    By Janet Hamill nee (CATES) (05/07/2018)
  • Wow! The previous comment tells me that my memory was pretty good. There was a “ Ginger “ Cates living just down from us during WW2, and Janet also mentions ballroom dance instructors, Eric and Nina Perrin who taught dancing to loads of Canvey Islanders and to the strict tempo of the band my Dad, Alan Hudson played with. They were called the Night Spots. This has brought back so many memories, and I can name several others living along the Parkway during that period. Cates, Tye,Hart, Clark, Weston,Moxley and Coombs. These were times full of trauma and happiness, good friendships and loads of fun at the Casino and The Bay Country Club.

    Thanks Janet for bringing so many memories back.

    By Gerald Hudson (07/07/2018)
  • Gerald am very interested to hear any stories however vague about the westons, if not on here by email. Many thanks, by email if you prefer

    By Ron Weston (02/09/2019)
  • Hello Ron Weston,

    you have the same name as the boy I knew on the Parkway during and after WW2, he had a sister, Jean. My most vivid memory of the two of them was when they learned that their Dad had been killed somewhere in Asia? A very sad day. Seems to me, that Jean was a very strong willed girl and could always held her own at the local youth centre on Long Road at that time.

    By Gerald Hudson (02/09/2019)

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